Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passion and curiosity

I love the experience of discovery – that particular instant, when I feel it resonating inside me and I just know that it is right in the deepest and most profound way. A juxtaposition of elements that circulate independently in my head – living their autonomic lives in different channels and all of a sudden – a connection is made! Two roads meet and a new intersection is created. This connection is not universal. It is my unique creation in my unique brain structure. Maybe no-one else sees it but for me, it immediately becomes a truth. In my imagination, I can see thousands of strands that connect the many components of my awareness and existence. Each one brings me joy. These contextual strands make me feel there is some kind of order in the chaos – that there is, in fact, some connection between the different parts of me and every time a new intersection is created, another piece in the internal puzzle of existence reaches its destination.
What is curiosity?
For me, curiosity expresses my interest in the world that surrounds me - not only for people but for many different fields. Many things intrigue me. There are countless things I would love to learn and investigate. But, without a doubt, the most interesting of them all are people. I wonder if all the people here share this interest. What brings us to spend hours reading other peoples blogs? Is it out of sincere interest in others? I don't really think that all people share this interest but it is very easy to identify those who do – they ask questions. They mix with others. They do not read in silence because silent reading is passive and does not lead to contact. When contact is achieved, one must give something and this requires making an effort. Most readers are silent. They have an urge to peep but they want to stay unattached.

I always seek contact. The interaction with someone that arouses my curiosity always excites me.

The strand of passion is usually attached to sex but now it has a new context – curiosity. The both have lived side by side for ages and didn't know how connected they are.